Why should you start a blog

Why Should You Start A Blog (Even If You’re Not A Writer)

There is everyone something of the creative instinct. It is natural with the child to play with the coloured pencils and paint little picture in water colours, and then when it learns to read and write, to write little verses and little stories.

Since at first sight it seems easier to write than to paint, the child, as it grows older, is more apt to devote itself to writing. It is evidently more amusing to invent than to copy.

The creative instinct reaches it’s height during the twenties and then, sometimes, because the affairs of life and the necessity of earning a living leave no room for it’s exercise, it grows feeble and dies.

But in many people it continues to burden or enchant them. They become writers because of the compulsion within them.

Write for a cause, not for only money.

I am talking about the writers by born. Whatever they feel can draw accurately in their writings.

Sometime it becomes more delightful to read that vibrate the soul of the readers.

They touches our heart with words. We feel attached with the characters of their writings. Gradually, we can feel them in us.

An example of writings causes

Words Can Change Society

So, if a well written article, novel or drama can change our mind then it can change our so called generous polite society too.

But why need change?

Ask yourself. Do you feel happiness when you see a child crying for food, clothes or home?

Why do you run only behind money or wealth when your relatives, the neighbors, your society man deserves your attention to live a simple hunger free life?

So, write for their financial freedom.

You can take it as a social work.

How to publish your writings?

Start A Personal Blog Site

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A blog gives you a voice!

We all have something to say, even if we don’t think of ourselves as writers or speakers.

A blog gives you a place, free from censorship. You have the freedom to say what’s in your heart and find other people who connect with what you believe.

It’s a medium where you can publish your writings. An online blog can spread your words to billions of people within a second.

Do you have same feels and guts?

If yes then you are the right person who can create a successful blog.

Let’s take a deep look in these matter and find out few more things to consider before starting a blog.

Why You Should Start A Blog?

Express yourself to the best yourselves.

Start a blog to test your writing skills.

Write for your nation, national matters.

Give your opinion on national or international issues by writing a resourceful article in your blog.

As a human, you have some responsibility towards humanity.

So, you can write to grow awareness of the humanity.

You can write for your own business promotion too.

Yes, you heard right. You can write not only to fulfill your writings desire and spread your ideas but also for promoting your work, business, etc. through your blog.

Do you convinced enough to make decision on starting a blog?

If not then I will tell you few more reason about why people make their own personal blog.

Why Blogging Matters?

1. Connecting people.

A blog can be used as a platform to connect with new people through sharing articles or ideas.

2. Teach people.

You can start a blog and offer paid tutorial services.

3. To grow popularity.

A blog can be used to gain popularity. Mostly politicians, performers and entrepreneur use blog medium to grow their popularity.

4. Advertising and branding your product.

A businessman always accept those ideas which delivered profitable result. A blog can make profits too.

Use your blog as an e-commerce store and sell your products using it. Isn’t simple?

5. Sell your services.

You can offer value added services in your blog.

6. Freelance work.

Use your blog as your portfolio site and showcase your skills related works in their. In this way, you can attract outsourcers to hire you for their project.

7. Find a new job.

Tell people through your blog that you are available for job.

8. For helping others.

You can help people by publishing informational or tutorial article which helped others in many ways.

9. For a noble cause.

A blog can be used for fundraising for a non government organization which is used for helping poor, needy people, flood affected or environmental disaster people.

10. To gain knowledge in specific field.

Suppose, you start a blog about healthcare. So, whenever you want to write a new article on healthcare related issue, you have to collect few information based on your topic which you can use for your writings. You have to read more, research or learn more in order to write better article.

In this way, you can get vast knowledge on a specific subject which you choose for blogging.

11. To Represent Your Nation, Event or Organization.

You can start a blog to represent your national, international or locally available heritage site.

You can also start a blog providing valuable information about a specific event or organizations activity, works or ideas.

How to start a blog and make money?

12. Make Money Online by Blogging

You must have been heard that lots of professional bloggers are making a lot of money by just blogging.

Yes, it’s true, it’s possible. But it doesn’t come within a day. It takes time, patience and lots of hard work.

But once you have enough readers, you will start making some small, yet passive income.

When time goes by and your blog gets millions of visitors per day then it will increase as well as income. I’m not only talking about a few hundred dollars a month, but many people also earn lots more beyond imagination from blogging.

If you take it seriously as your main business or service work then it can generate huge amount of passive income.

Currently, millions of people are making 10K of dollars a month by writing blogs.

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Thanks for reading,
Sabber Ahmad Rahiq

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